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Ways to Help

Not everyone can be a foster parent, but everyone can help be a part of the village for a foster family.



Nashville Foster Love Closet depends on the commitment of volunteers in order to promote real change for foster families in our community. If it weren't for the active participants of countless individuals, Nashville Foster Love Closet would not be able to accomplish all we do. 

Sign up to volunteer below.

Donating Money

Fundraisers and Drives

Wondering how to give back and be an invaluable part of our organization? It's always the right time to host a fundraiser or a drive to help our efforts.

Reach out to us about setting up a fundraiser or hosting a drive.


Raise Awareness

Our organization always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you, with your time and commitment going towards making Nashville Foster Love Closet an even better non-profit organization. Help spread the word to others, like and share our social media posts, or ask us to come be a speaker at your church or business.


Ways to Volunteer


Sorting Donations

Help sort and organize clothing, shoes, toys, and more. Log donations that have been sorted.

Reach out to us to organize a volunteer day with your church, company, or friends.


Meal Prep

Cook or purchase a fresh meal to be delivered to a family in your area. Make or purchase a meal that can be easily frozen and deliver to us for families to get when they come to shop.

Reach out to us to organize a meal prep day for your company, church, or loved ones.


Event Help

Volunteer to prepare things for events. Help set up or tear down for events. Help serve during events.

Reach out to us to organize a larger group of volunteers interested in helping with events.

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